What’s it like to work as a Developer in STEM?

14 March 2022

What’s so great about being a developer? And what’s it like to work in STEM?

This week is The British Science Association’s “British Science Week 2022” — a celebration of STEM subjects and careers. Software Developers (like our Lee Evans) are digital architects, constantly solving problems on a huge variety of challenging projects.

Lee says:

“I love the variety of work we do at Decent and there are so many opportunities to gain hands-on experience”

Being a developer means that you’re constantly discovering exciting ways to solve business problems and, working together as a team, we come up with new solutions every day. You’ve got to love learning. While FileMaker is our core platform, we are integrating all sorts of new technology and I’m about to start an MSc in Computer Science and AI. I want to be a part of the future.

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