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A major flooring supplier and contractor in Cambridgeshire. Our business information system supports all the operations of the business, from tendering for major construction projects through purchasing, stock control and logistics to ongoing project management and monitoring the work of subcontractors. The software system is specifically engineered to cope with the unusual financial and taxation procedures in the UK construction industry. Buy Diazepam 10Mg India

Carrino have been installing access flooring systems since the early 1980s, working with a huge range of clients branching from all industry sectors both in the UK and overseas. Some of their flagship projects include St Pancras Station and the Formula One testing centre at Silverstone.


How have we helped Carrino?

Carrino Access Flooring is home to one of our Core Business Systems, without which their business would now struggle to function. It’s on every desktop and laptop throughout the business, keeping in shape everything from lead generation, through production, project management and stock control to accounts and credit control. The movements and costings of materials, subcontractors and haulage to multi-million pound construction projects they manage are all co-ordinated from its bespoke easy-to-use interface.

Central to the contracts side is a detailed quoting system which allows complex costings to be built right up from component level, with provision for waste and conversion of multiple units of measure. The system is built to understand the unique financial foibles of the construction industry, such as main-contractor discounting, staged payments upon application and two-stage retention after project completion. Retaining accurate job costings is central to the system, and detailed monthly profit reporting is available on each contract or across all work in progress.

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