The iPad app that simplifies an entire outbound goods process

  • iPad app ensures quality control for each order
  • Packer assembles correct shipment while office team optimise delivery schedule
  • Driver loads shipments in correct sequence, follows the best route, and records successful delivery
  • Result – costly mistakes eliminated, deliveries accurate and on time


Items packed per week


Replacement of paper processes

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The challenge

Our client East Brothers Timber is a specialist sawmill that supplies bespoke pieces of wood cut to precise shapes and dimensions. Many of their customers are major infrastructure companies with demanding schedules – customers who require the right cuts of wood to be delivered on time at the right location – every time. The sawmill needs to ensure it consistently fulfils its customers’ needs.

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Our solution

The chief executive realised the business needed an end-to-end business system to manage everything from quoting to invoicing. But since it wasn’t available as an off the shelf package, he asked us to build it for him instead.

The system’s centrepiece is an iPad app that manages fulfilment of orders. The app not only makes the delivery process faster and easier, it also ensures the deliveries are secure and accurate.

  • The packer receives details of each order on their iPad so they can assemble the shipment. As each piece of cut timber arrives in the warehouse they tick the app to indicate they’ve received it and it’s as it should be.
  • Once the complete shipment is ready, the packer signs it off and the office team are notified it’s ready to leave the warehouse.
  • For shipments being collected by customers, the packer helps customers load their vehicles and records handover via signature or photo, which gets uploaded into the system.
  • For shipments being delivered to customers, the office team plan the most efficient sequence of deliveries and route for each lorry trip.
  • The iPad shows the driver instructions for the best order to load the shipments. Once on the road the app gives them the best route to follow. When they deliver each shipment they take a photo on the iPad, which then automatically appears back at the office.

The transformation journey

Business process analysis

We took a deep dive into the detail of how the sawmill worked, mapping out the processes at each stage, and what the CEO required.

Bespoke software design

We designed a bespoke system that would provide end-to-end management of the business, from initial customer enquiry to final invoicing.

Phased development

We build the heart of the business system first, focusing on accurate order fulfilment, with additional improvements down the line.

iPad app screenshots

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The impact

The iPad system optimises the sawmill’s order fulfilment process, delivering efficiency but also accuracy, security and traceability. Customers with tight schedules get the results they expect. If there are any queries, the data trail is there.

The business’s entire workflow is also optimised and streamlined. When a customer makes an order it enters the system and is tracked all the way to fulfilment, at which point the billing data is pushed into Sage and an invoice is sent out. The system also holds a wealth of data that can be extracted to make further improvements, for example by identifying bottlenecks in the cutting schedule.

Ultimately the system gives the business a set of tools to do everything better – essential when you’re dealing with big customers with tight schedules.

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“We are really pleased with the work Decent Group has done tailoring software to meet our requirements, which has considerably improved our information transfer and storage, Saving time and reducing error.”

Mark Gilbert

Director, East Brothers Timber

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Services used

Business process analysis

Get an objective view of your entire business's workflow to identify exactly where and how your business can be improved, with a rigorous and impartial analysis of your business processes.

Bespoke software

Software systems tailored to suit your exact processes dramatically improves your productivity, efficiency and supercharges your business growth.

New Claris FileMaker system

Optimise your business with a bespoke Claris FileMaker system designed specifically for your unique business needs. 

Claris FileMaker support

Maximmise the performance of your Claris FileMaker system. We can provide regular support, train your team to use and manage your system, and help you choose the right FileMaker licensing option.

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