Proven business applications to solve your operational problems

We offer a range of business applications with proven impact in the real world, from simplifying on-site quality inspections to automating InDesign layout. Each one can be tailored to exactly the workflow you need – the perfect way to harness great technology to streamline your processes and empower your teams.

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“It’s 100% allowing us to go for bigger projects and go for those opportunities.”

Nick Shute

Co Founder & Managing Director, Dodds & Shute

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Discover the impact of a bespoke business app

Our business applications are proven products, tested and perfected in the real world, but unlike ordinary off the shelf products, we will adapt them so they meet your exact business needs. 

If you have an existing process that works well for you, we can make it easier to manage by tailoring our application to your sequence of activities, your language, even your branding. 

You’ll see a major, measurable impact on your KPIs, get more done in less time, and experience greater operational efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

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The benefits of a customised business application

Find out why a proven app is a powerful solution that’s already shown its worth in the real world.

  • Choose from a growing range of applications to solve different problems
  • The reassurance of knowing you’re using a proven product
  • Fully customisable to exactly your workflow 
  • Flexible results and integration with a wide range of existing systems 
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • A unique partnership approach to deployment and integration
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Key applications we offer

Inspection and audit

Inspections and audits are made simpler and more accurate by our inspection and audit application – it can replace paper forms, spreadsheets, sorting out photographs and manual report compilation. Your inspection device can also contain all the technical drawings and specifications that you might need.

Safety and quality

Our safety and quality apps can be used on location – from a building or playground to a production line – and enhance the ease, speed and efficiency of your inspections. The tool can also be integrated into your existing systems.

InDesign layout automation

Discover a range of applications that automate the process of adding content to an existing design, saving days of repetitive artworking. It can be used for listings, directories, leaflets, reports, catalogues and more.

What you gain with our applications

Initial consultancy

Before we customise an application to your processes, we spend time understanding how you work and what the application needs to achieve. This ensures it is precisely tailored to your needs. 

Attention to detail

The details of an application are important. One small part of an interface that works badly can be irritating and time consuming. We look at every detail, working alongside your users, to make sure the application functions seamlessly.  

Ability to grow with you

Because of the way we construct our applications, it is easy for us to expand and enhance them. So as your processes evolve, your application evolves too – making this a future-proofed design.

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“We just watch as the system does everything.”

Jasper John

Production Manager, Chambers & Partners

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Case study

Bespoke inspection app and web portal help put playground safety first

Our solutions for managing playground safety inspections enable RoSPA Play Safety to provide an industry-leading service. The process improvement has delivered impact impossible with an off-the-shelf product.

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