Bespoke software puts playground safety first

  • Our solutions for managing playground safety inspections enable RoSPA Play Safety to provide industry-leading service
  • Process improvement has had huge impact – impossible with an off-the-shelf product
  • A long-standing client partnership, ongoing for over 10 years


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Assets inspected on completed inspections

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Our client’s problem

RoSPA Play Safety deliver playground inspections. While robust processes were in place to manage these inspections, the way that inspectors were working independently involved excessive amounts of time and unnecessary administration.

They were using a paper-based office system, coupled with an off-the-shelf inspection app out in the field. The two systems did not communicate without manual input and processing.

What we did

RoSPA Play Safety initially approached us to look at the office admin aspect of the inspection process. Impressed with our solution, they took the decision to phase out their existing legacy inspection app and commissioned us to create one system which integrates all the in-field data with the admin processes.

Our iPad-based inspection app supports compliance standards and allows RoSPA to offer its clients more services including post-installation and accessibility audits – which look not just at safety and risk for both disabled and non-disabled users, but also ‘quality of play’. 

Integrity is crucial to RoSPA Play Safety – our inspection system removes the space for human error and works simultaneously via three key components: an inspection iPad app, a back office system for RoSPA and a web-based portal for clients. All support RoSPA’s main service: a report which is unique to RoSPA, highly visual and easy to use. 

We’ve worked collaboratively with RoSPA Play Safety for over ten years to analyse, evaluate, deliver and continuously improve a major addition to their system: a bespoke web portal that empowers RoSPA’s playground operator clients and allows them to search / view their inspection reports and manage the fixing of defects. The system also allows the service to be more scalable than ever before.

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“We were buying our old system off the shelf… we found it hard to use and difficult to extract meaningful data from. With the Decent solution, we’ve got exactly what we want in a system – nothing more, nothing less.”

David Yearley

Managing Director / Head of Play Safety, RoSPA Play Safety

The transformation journey

Detailed analysis of existing strategy

We assessed current systems, analysed the ‘non-joined-up’ nature of the set-up and proposed changes to simplify and streamline how it could work.

Development of new methodology to address existing issues

We captured RoSPA’s aspirations and understood current practices, then designed processes and systems to support those aspirations.

A tailored solution

We developed a bespoke system from the ground up, created specifically for RoSPA.

Creation and thorough testing of new app

We created a tailored inspection app that supports RoSPA’s procedures: intuitively designing the inspector’s journey, maximising information collected and minimising time taken, often in bad weather.

Playground inspection app screenshots

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The results

The bespoke inspection app and system enable RoSPA Play Safety to save time which has had a huge impact on their operation. Manual processes are minimised and they can respond to their clients very quickly, with a custom-built tool to create reports fast and efficiently – an industry-leading feat. Crucially, they can now invoice clients straight after an inspection is completed, and an automation feature reminds clients when the next inspection is due.

The system provides one central, robust place for data management. Evolving as requirements have changed, our overall solution remains the ultimate ‘perfect fit’ for RoSPA. Along with ongoing development and improvements, exciting future projects in this partnership include creating software to help RoSPA’s clients carry out their own day-to-day routine inspections and periodic operational inspections.

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“It’s enhanced our ability to respond to customer requests. We now inspect a site and the client gets a high-quality accurate report in an extremely efficient way. I don’t think anyone else in our industry can do this.”

David Yearley

Managing Director / Head of Play Safety, RoSPA Play Safety

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Services used

Digital transformation and systems strategy

Get an objective view of your processes, systems and IT strategy, based on our experience working with hundreds of businesses in dozens of sectors.

Business process analysis

Discover exactly where and how your business can be improved, with a rigorous and impartial analysis of your business processes.

Bespoke software

Software designed specifically for your business dramatically improves your productivity and supercharges your growth.

Tailored inspection and audit application

Our extensive experience in inspection and quality control creates a firm foundation for proven inspection and audit apps, delivered fully bespoke to each client’s needs.

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