The scheduling tool managing multiple complex projects

  • Interactive drag and drop Gantt chart 
  • Schedules resources across multiple projects and project phases
  • Enables easy, intuitive scheduling without interface overload
  • Flexible views, from all-projects overview to individual subcontractor’s schedule


Square metres of floor laid in 2023


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The challenge

The difficulty this business was facing was scheduling its team of subcontractors across multiple complex projects in numerous locations. 

They are specialists who supply and install access floors – the false floors that create space in commercial buildings for cabling, ducting and other utilities. Many projects are simple but others are large, multi-phase building projects tightly managed by a main contractor such as Kier Group or Balfour Beatty. Typically several floors will need to be installed in stages a few weeks apart, fitting into a tight construction schedule involving many other trades. 

Scheduling multiple teams of subcontractors across multiple locations and tight schedules is a complex logistical challenge, and it becomes exponentially harder the more work the business takes on. But they can’t afford to slip up. Failure to deliver on a large project damages both finances and reputation. 

Our solution

The business needed a flexible, powerful software tool to visualise and manage its projects. We designed and built a drag and drop Gantt chart that allows them to see all projects across time in a single view, drill down to individual phases of specific jobs, and even zoom right down into individual subcontractors’ schedules. 

Requirements for each project or phase of work can be inputted – floor area, resources and manpower required, etc – and people and dates assigned to each one. The main contractor’s schedules can also be incorporated. 

Despite being powerful, the tool remains simple to use and deliberately avoids introducing features that are complex and unnecessary.

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The impact

The new scheduling tool brings clarity to scheduling and project management. It allows the business to take on more work in the confidence that it can manage the projects no matter how many different teams are involved. One of the key limitations on business growth has been eliminated. 

The scheduling system is the latest addition to a business system we first created over 15 years ago. We started with the tool that was most important at the time – a quoting tool – and as the business identified new needs we added stock control, order management, supplier invoicing and customer invoicing systems. Each subsystem works seamlessly with the whole, bringing new system-wide efficiencies with every addition.

The transformation journey

Business process analysis

We took time to understand the complexities of the scheduling process and the different kinds of customers, jobs and schedules involved.

Bespoke software design

We mocked up a model for a scheduling tool, tested the concepts with the team, and then built the bespoke system.  

Phased development

The scheduling tool is the latest part of a series of phased software tools, each integrated to form a growing business management system. The business can add new phases when it chooses in a manageable and affordable way.

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“This is the business system we always wanted. We now have what we need to achieve long term growth.”


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Services used

Business process analysis

Explore the precise areas and opportunities for enhancing your business through an impartial and thorough examination of your operational business processes.

Bespoke software

Tailored software systems designed specifically for your business needs that significantly enhances productivity and efficency.

New Claris FileMaker system

Maximise your business efficiency with a new bespoke Claris FileMaker system crafted to align seamlessly with your unique workflow.

Claris FileMaker support

Enhance the effectiveness of your Claris FileMaker system. Our services include ongoing support, team training for system usage and management, and expert guidance in selecting the ideal FileMaker licensing option.

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