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Claris FileMaker is a brilliant, versatile platform that’s powerful, robust and flexible, and moving to a Claris FileMaker business system could transform your future. We will develop a system especially for you – a fast, efficient and intelligent business tool that ensures you achieve your strategic goals.

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“Our old system was off the shelf… we found there were all sorts of things in there we had no interest in. With the Decent solution, we’ve got exactly what we want in a system – nothing more, nothing less.”

David Yearley

Managing Director / Head of Play Safety, Rospa Playsafety

Do your systems reflect your aspirations?

As businesses evolve, they reach a point where they outgrow their old ways of working. Your software can start creating inefficiencies that slow you down.

Entering data becomes a clumsy process. Your people invent their own workarounds and often build spreadsheets to fill the gaps. You carry out processes manually that could easily be automated. Other systems may run slowly and sometimes crash. All this is starting to have an impact on the service your customers receive and holding back your ability to grow. 

At some point, you need to make the jump to a system that’s more powerful, faster, easier to use – one which will help you achieve your ambitions instead of blocking them.

Why choose Decent for your new system

We are the UK’s leading independent Claris FileMaker experts, so by working with us you’re not only choosing a great technology to deliver your business strategy but working with the perfect partners to achieve your goals.

We take a unique partnership approach to working with you. We don’t just sell you a rigid off the shelf product but spend time understanding your unique requirements, so you get the solution you need. You’ve probably spent long enough compromising how you want to work to fit in with your current systems.

We have the experience, the business understanding and the technical ability to respond to any business needs, aspirations and processes you may have. 

How migrating to Claris FileMaker can make life better

How we work with you


We start by digging deep into how your business works, your aspirations, and what you want to achieve. This thorough understanding is a critical first step – the secret to transforming your business.


We gain a detailed understanding of the business processes that the software needs to support and look for ways to streamline and improve them. Only once we understand these do we go on to design your new system.


Our UK-based software developers build your system, testing it carefully to ensure it meets your business needs – while keeping ease of use uppermost in mind. We often create and launch one module at a time, so you see results as soon as possible.


We install the new system and ensure implementation goes as smoothly as possible. This process is handled with great care to minimise disruption. 

“There are things that they’ve been able to do for us that I wouldn’t have imagined we’d be able to do as a business.”

Nick Shute

Co Founder & Managing Director, Dodds & Shute

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