Rescue your underperforming Claris FileMaker system

If you’re experiencing difficulties using an inadequate, incomplete or ill-fitting Claris FileMaker system, we can transform it piece by piece while keeping it running seamlessly. We’ll start by giving you an honest assessment of whether it’s worth keeping – and it often is, because FileMaker is a fantastically versatile platform. Then we’ll reshape it into the business tool you need to grasp the new opportunities ahead of you.

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“Human error has all but been eliminated, meaning we are not only acting more efficiently but we can be much more transparent with our customers.”

Stephen Gill

Managing Director, Lupton & Place

How we revitalise your system

We will typically begin by carrying out a System Condition Report – an honest assessment of your existing system that shows us where we’re starting from. It’s a bit like a survey of a house and it’s an important first step. Next, we understand what you want to achieve as an organisation.

Then we zoom in on you – what you do, how you do it, and where you interact with your FileMaker system. We pick the parts of the system that have the biggest impact on your business and renovate and rebuild those first. We also add new functionality, allowing you to do things you could never do before. This might mean connecting your other software to your FileMaker system, tracking activity to increase transparency about what your teams do, creating a customer portal, and much more.

Some of the improvements we can deliver

Experienced partners working alongside you

We take a partnership approach, working closely with you to minimise disruption as we improve your system

We have huge experience in updating and improving ageing Claris FileMaker systems across many different sectors and are skilled in addressing pressing business problems and giving you the tools you need most. We won’t just do the obvious thing. We’ll understand how you work so we can help you work in more efficient, smarter ways. The result will be a fast, modern, high-quality system that delivers results for your people and your business.

“Seeing Decent Group in action made me realise that if you want a job doing properly, find an expert. If I studied FileMaker full-time for a year, I couldn’t have achieved what they did in a few minutes – it was awesome. It was a pleasure dealing with Decent and I can’t wait to set them another challenge!”

Mark Segasby


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