Decent’s bespoke system switches on Blackpool’s world-famous illuminations

1 September 2022

Blackpool Illuminations 2023: explore the behind-the-scenes stock management, health and safety, inspections, and switch-on systems behind the Illuminations, revealed in our latest 2023 news feature.

On 2 September Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen pulls the famous switch to light up this year’s legendary Blackpool Illuminations – and for the next four months all one million lamps will be automatically controlled by an innovative system that we have created here at Decent Group.

We designed the switch-on system with the Blackpool Illuminations team to automate the switching on and off of the six mile lights show. The team in charge of the Illuminations can schedule the daily switch-on either manually or automatically. A separate launch sequence is initiated for each of the eight electrical substation units on the Blackpool Promenade, in total lighting up a staggering one million LED lamps connected by 100 miles of cabling. Once the lights are on, a message is sent to the team to confirm the operation is complete.

This isn’t the only innovation we have delivered at Lightworks, Blackpool’s illuminations workshop. We also introduced a lifting plan that ensures that installing the illuminations is safe right across the six miles of promenade. Detailed data is recorded for each of the Illuminations displays based on testing done in the workshop, so when the team take them out to be installed they have precisely the information they need. The system ensures that installation is safe and compliant.

Our new stock management system helps the Lightworks team keep track of the one million lamps and the equipment that supports the display. The system not only knows the location and other key information for every single item of equipment, but also tells the team how much each job costs. It even automatically orders new bulbs and other parts before they run out. We also created a sign in and sign out system for the warehouse.

Richard Williams, Illuminations Manager at Lightworks commented:

“We are delighted with the difference Decent has made to how we work. The team has come up with creative solutions to every challenge we give them. As a result we can work more easily, more quickly, more consistently and more safely. We feel very confident now that we have these new systems to call on.”

We are excited to be part of this world famous spectacle. It’s not simply about guaranteeing the lights come on every day through the four month season. We’ve also helped the team stay safe and be certain they can manage the vast amounts of equipment they need to wow all those millions of visitors that come to see the Illuminations each year.

Blackpool Illuminations facts 

  • The Illuminations equipment weighs more than 700 tonnes
  • Over one million LED lamps are used across the display
  • The display includes more than 500 different features
  • 3.5 million visitors come to view the Illuminations each year
  • For Switch-on 2022 Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen will pull the switch, followed by a concert featuring Fuse ODG, Mae Muller, Nina Nesbitt, Tom Grennan and Blue


Blackpool Illuminations media coverage

We are thrilled that our Blackpool Illuminations story has attracted media coverage. 

Decent Group makes light work of Blackpool Illuminations, The Business Exchange, Swindon & Wiltshire by Ben Carey

Swindon firm to handle Blackpool Illuminations, Swindon Link by Barrie Hudson

Blackpool Illuminations controlled by tech devised in Swindon, Swindon Advertiser by Daniel Angelini

Reproduced with kind permission of BBC Radio Wiltshire.

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