FileMaker 2024 is here, bringing new AI tools with it

4 June 2024

Claris has today announced the launch of FileMaker 2024, and the key takeaway is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to FileMaker, enabling developers to take advantage of the power of AI.

What might this mean in practice? For a business with a wide range of products, we could build an AI tool that makes intelligent recommendations to customers, given what they’ve already purchased – ‘If you liked X, you may also be interested in Y’. What’s key here is that the AI could be trained on the business’s own sales data, not generic internet data. It would know the actual preferences of your own customers.

It’s an exciting step forward, with much more to come.

The new release also includes incremental improvements, such as keeping current with the latest security threats. We welcome FileMaker 2024 (also known as FileMaker 21) – in fact we have been exploring it, testing it and giving feedback over the last few months, in our capacity as a Claris Platinum Partner.

It’s really good to see Claris continue to innovate and invest in FileMaker for the long term. They are fully committed not just to maintaining Claris FileMaker but enhancing it. And as Claris is a subsidiary of Apple, it’s clear that FileMaker is an important part of Apple’s stable of products.

With the new version on its way, FileMaker 19 is now on the way out. It is no longer supported from the end of December 2024 – that’s barely six months away. After that FileMaker 19 won’t receive security and other updates, which represents a gradually escalating risk to your FileMaker system.

So, if you’re using FileMaker 19 or older, get in touch and we will get you upgraded and up to date. Some upgrades are quick and simple, while others take careful planning, but whichever it is, we will always ensure that your system keeps working and all your data and tools are protected. Read how we upgraded a mission-critical system for one client.

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