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We are steadily growing because our clients love what we do for them. We need bright, inquisitive, trustworthy people. Although we do plenty of software development (mainly using FileMaker), we are fundamentally people who solve business problems. So not all our roles require a background in software development. If you’re interested in joining our award-winning team, find out more below and click through to view our current vacancies.

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“I am glad to be part of this innovative team and having an opportunity to use my skills to grow within the company by learning new skills.”

Sameer Ale

Software Developer, Decent Group

We’ve worked with some great people

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Why work with us?

Working at Decent Group is interesting, varied and creative. We solve problems for our clients and help them to do things they weren’t able to do before. This is creatively satisfying work. 

We are among the best in the UK at what we do, and that’s another reason to join us. You’ll learn from experts in our field. That means you’ll progress quickly and gain skills that are in demand.

Our team and culture
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What’s it like at Decent?

We are a relatively small team – everyone knows everyone else. We are friendly, down to earth and open, and everyone has a voice that is heard. We all enjoy being part of a close-knit team. 

Decent is a growing business, but we make sure we grow steadily and thoughtfully so we keep our culture intact. Because we’re growing, there are opportunities to be involved in the business at higher levels and more quickly than in most larger organisations. 

If you love a challenge or love FileMaker, we want to hear from you.

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We care about the quality of your life  

We take active steps to help our people live a happy and fulfilled life. These include supporting the mental health of our employees, using personality tools to work better together, and making sure our people earn a living wage that covers the real cost of living. 

We have signed the Mindful Employer charter and we help our team manage and overcome any mental health issues they may face. We make sure everyone in our team knows they can talk about any work stresses, pressures or difficulties they are experiencing.

We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) to understand the different personalities in our team, which helps us work better together and drives our personal and professional development. 

We are also a living wage employer and a member of the Living Wage Foundation, which means we commit to paying the real living wage – or more – to all our employees. The real living wage is the amount that the Living Wage Foundation calculates people need to cover the real cost of living – an amount that’s higher than both the minimum wage and the government’s national living wage. 

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“Decent Group is a great company to work for! They really invest in their staff and give us all the opportunities to grow or try something different. The team are all so friendly and are always on hand to help each other out!”

Lorraine Leighfield

Office Administrator, Decent Group

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Case study

Reinventing a FileMaker system produces big efficiency gains

Keeping the Blackpool Illuminations switched on

Bespoke inspection app and web portal help put playground safety first

Bespoke software optimises a business’s entire processes

New FileMaker and new IT team give property finance lender the edge

Automated page layout tool saves designers months of work

We transformed this aluminium die casting manufacturer’s existing FileMaker system, giving them instant access to detailed real time order and production data. The system has virtually eliminated errors, improved efficiency and helped the business to grow. 

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When you have £10 million worth of world-famous equipment in your warehouse, you need to stay on top of where it all is, what it’s all worth, and how to switch it on and off. Our bespoke software system makes all this instant and effortless for Blackpool’s Lightworks workshop.

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Our solutions for managing playground safety inspections enable RoSPA Play Safety to provide an industry-leading service. The process improvement has delivered impact impossible with an off-the-shelf product.

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This food business needs to keep track of hundreds of very different products to ensure great customers service. We created their system from scratch – a perfect fit for each of their processes. Since then the business has grown – without increasing staff numbers.

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A complete overhaul of an existing FileMaker system allowed our client to streamline all its business processes. We also recruited and trained an IT team to bring systems and solutions skills in-house for ultimate efficiency. 

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It took Chambers and Partners’ design team an astonishing 8 weeks to lay out the UK’s prestigious annual Chambers Legal Guide. Our automated page layout tool saves designers months of work by assembling legal guides and legal directories overnight. Find out how our typesetting software transformed their workflow and empowered their designers to fine-tune layouts while enjoying the benefits of layout automation.

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