Our team and culture

We take pride in our people and the open, friendly and committed culture we have built at Decent Group. We believe in continually growing as software experts and as people. Partnership is at our core. We actively listen to each other and to our clients, building long term relationships through shared goals.

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Our culture

Partnership is at the core of our culture. We work as true partners both with our team and with our clients. This is a personal commitment for each of us and it is the foundation of our inclusive, friendly and hard-working culture. 

We are Decent. We are:


We love what we do and get a thrill from transforming our clients’ businesses. It is the challenge of improving mission-critical systems that motivates us.


We understand the business-critical nature of the systems that we deploy and earn the trust of every client through expert knowledge and a deep appreciation of their issues.


The more that we understand about our clients the better the work we do. We invest time and effort to get under their skin and share their goals. 


Off the shelf isn’t good enough for us. We take pride in maximising the effectiveness of every system, driving success for our clients.

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“Since I started working at Decent Group as an apprentice I have vastly expanded my people and problem solving skills. No two projects are the same, there is a new problem to solve every day and to do so with a team as lovely and skilled as ours it’s a really rewarding and fun experience.”

Bradley Gallavin

Client Manager, Decent Group

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Meet our team

Meet our team of committed experts ready to help you achieve your goals. 

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James Ducker


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Decent Group - Jason Furnell image

Jason Furnell

Head of Technical and Operations

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Rhys Smith

Head of Client Management

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Decent Group - Bradley Gallavin image

Bradley Gallavin

Client Manager

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Decent Group - Bekki Ball image

Bekki Ball

Client Manager

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Decent Group - Tyrone Spencer image

Tyrone Spencer

Client Manager

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Decent Group - Durga Rai image

Durga Rai

Software Developer

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Decent Group - Paul Jenkins image

Paul Jenkins

Software Developer

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Decent Group - Eilish Skeates image

Eilish Skeates

Software Developer

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Decent Group - Sameer Ale image

Sameer Ale

Software Developer

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Decent Group - Samuel Crocker image

Samuel Crocker

Software Developer

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Decent Group - Russell Wilkes image

Russell Wilkes

Software Developer

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Decent Group - Lorraine Leighfield image

Lorraine Leighfield

Office Administrator

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Decent Group - Ishtar Cutler image

Ishtar Cutler


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Support for mental health, personal development, and a living wage

We believe it’s important that Decent Group helps our employees live a happy and fulfilled life. There are three key ways in which we do this: we support people with mental health challenges, we use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) to understand each other’s personalities better, and we make sure our people earn a living wage that covers the real cost of living. 

To support the mental health of our employees we are part of the Mindful Employer, a UK-wide mental health initiative. We have signed the Mindful Employer charter and we take active steps to help our team with any mental health issues, including signposting local resources and full use of occupational health therapies. For example, we aim to tackle the things that stress people at work; we encourage everyone to communicate about any problems they are experiencing – whether with their line manager or a colleague; and we have zero tolerance for bullying, harassment or discriminatory behaviour. 

To help us support and develop our teams, we use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, one of the most popular psychometric tools. It gives us a common language for addressing interpersonal issues, enhancing communication, resolving conflict, identifying gaps, and supporting both personal and professional development. Understanding each other better helps us to support one another at work which in turn boosts our performance and makes for a positive, inclusive culture.

We are also an accredited member of the Living Wage Foundation. This means we commit to paying at least the real living wage to all our employees. Each year the Living Wage Foundation independently calculates the amount that people actually need to cover the real cost of living – an amount that’s higher than both the minimum wage and the government’s national living wage. Providing the living wage has enabled our younger folks to start to save (which they were unable to do before), and also to move out of their parents' into good rental accommodation. 

Supporting mental health, using Myers-Briggs and paying a living wage are powerful, practical ways to improve the quality of life for our staff, and we continue to focus on them as Decent Group grows and develops. 

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Join our team

We are always on the lookout for bright, inquisitive people with a passion for improving and transforming things. Get in touch if you’d like to join one of the UK’s most dynamic bespoke software businesses.

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Here’s what we can do

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A better FileMaker system

We can create you a powerful FileMaker system from scratch or update and improve existing systems.

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Your own bespoke software

We can make you any business system you need to become more efficient – from time management to tendering to seamless customer service.

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Proven business applications

We can tailor one of our existing business applications for your business – including safety and inspection and InDesign layout automation tools.

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Business systems

We can advise on what you need from your IT systems and how to streamline and transform your business.

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