Why work with Decent?

When you work with us, you get everything you need in a business software system. Because it’s built just for you, you don’t have to compromise on how it works, and you will always receive the support you need. As your requirements evolve, we can change and upgrade your system to match – so it is always exactly what your business requires to succeed.

What we offer: empowering partnership

We partner with you to create tailored software systems that enable you to achieve your goals.

Our mission

To combine business insight and a high level of technical skill to develop systems that transform business-critical tasks, resulting in quality solutions for our clients.

Our vision

To empower businesses to achieve their goals, by creating highly efficient systems that support mission-critical processes. Shaping systems around specific client needs to drive success.

Our values

We believe in:


Business enhancing

Bespoke customisation

Maximised impact

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“The relationship is so powerful. They can see through the business problem, unpuzzle it and rebuild it into something that has business impact.”

Finance Director

We’ve worked with some great people

How we work with you


We start by digging deep into how your business works, your aspirations, and what you want to achieve. This thorough understanding is a critical first step – the secret to transforming your business. 



We gain a detailed understanding of the business processes that the software needs to support and look for ways to streamline and improve them. We then design your new system.


Our UK-based software developers build your system, testing it carefully to ensure it meets your business needs – while keeping ease of use uppermost in mind. We often create and launch one module at a time, so you see results as soon as possible.


We install the new system and ensure implementation goes as smoothly as possible. This process is handled with great care to minimise disruption. 

What we can do for you

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A team of business transformation experts

Our team has over 20 years’ experience designing and building award-winning bespoke business software. We have created numerous systems that have transformed businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. This depth of experience means we can help any organisation achieve its goals.

Our team and culture
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Case study

Keeping the Blackpool Illuminations switched on

Reinventing a FileMaker system produces big efficiency gains

Bespoke inspection app and web portal help put playground safety first

Bespoke software optimises a business’s entire processes

New FileMaker and new IT team give property finance lender the edge

Automated page layout tool saves designers months of work

When you have £10 million worth of world-famous equipment in your warehouse, you need to stay on top of where it all is, what it’s all worth, and how to switch it on and off. Our bespoke software system makes all this instant and effortless for Blackpool’s Lightworks workshop.

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We transformed this aluminium die casting manufacturer’s existing FileMaker system, giving them instant access to detailed real time order and production data. The system has virtually eliminated errors, improved efficiency and helped the business to grow. 

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Our solutions for managing playground safety inspections enable RoSPA Play Safety to provide an industry-leading service. The process improvement has delivered impact impossible with an off-the-shelf product.

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This food business needs to keep track of hundreds of very different products to ensure great customers service. We created their system from scratch – a perfect fit for each of their processes. Since then the business has grown – without increasing staff numbers.

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A complete overhaul of an existing FileMaker system allowed our client to streamline all its business processes. We also recruited and trained an IT team to bring systems and solutions skills in-house for ultimate efficiency. 

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It took Chambers and Partners’ design team an astonishing 8 weeks to lay out the UK’s prestigious annual Chambers Legal Guide. Our automated page layout tool saves designers months of work by assembling legal guides and legal directories overnight. Find out how our typesetting software transformed their workflow and empowered their designers to fine-tune layouts while enjoying the benefits of layout automation.

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“I liked the fact that you were clear up front about the brief – that the relationship was managed well by both your client-facing person and your developer.”

Richard Osborne

Angel Eye

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