Has your business outgrown spreadsheets?

  • Spreadsheets are key business tools used by thousands of UK SMEs
  • But they can become inefficient and error-prone
  • Because they don’t scale, they cause difficulties for growing businesses
  • Solve these problems with a bespoke business system for less than £10,000 with results delivered in just 3 months
  • Start your journey to efficiency with a free no obligation 30-minute call 
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“Sadly, most small businesses assume a business system is unaffordable and out of reach. But that’s not true – you can transform how you work for under £10k, in less than 3 months.”

James Ducker

Founder and Director, Decent Group

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Ditch the spreadsheets and streamline your business

You started with spreadsheets because they’re free, easy to use and good for storing your data. Now your team is growing and your spreadsheets are already messy and unreliable.

Recognise these spreadsheet problems?

  • Multiple versions of the truth
  • Time-consuming to maintain
  • Easy to break
  • Contain errors
  • Won’t integrate with other software
  • Difficulty reporting or analysing data consistently
  • Insecure and vulnerable
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A quick win that’s affordable – with a one-off cost

You’re stressed, frustrated and you know spreadsheets are a daily drag on your productivity. But you can’t afford any available alternatives. All the business management systems out there – WorkDay, SAP, Oracle – are designed for large organisations, priced accordingly, and would be incredibly disruptive to install, configure and learn. So you soldier on.

But there is a proven, road-tested solution for a small business like yours. Decent Group has been creating bespoke business systems for over 20 years and has transformed productivity for hundreds of businesses. 

  • One-off investment – not a SaaS solution
  • Specific to your business
  • Quick to develop, instant to start using – no configuration
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Discover the best Excel alternative with our tailored software solutions 

Our systems start with an investment most small businesses can afford and they rapidly pay for themselves through the instant, ongoing efficiencies they deliver and by future-proofing your business. 

Best of all, there’s no risk of ‘picking the wrong one’. You won’t be trapped in a system. You can always add to it and take it in any direction you want.

We can design and build a bespoke business system for under 10 users for under £10,000, with results delivered in just 3 months. 
Interested? Speak to one of our experts about how we could transform your business.
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The difference a bespoke system makes

  • No more multiple versions of the truth
  • No more vital data spread over multiple PCs and teams
  • No more bafflingly complex spreadsheets
  • Visualise key metrics and view your data intuitively
  • Flow data effortlessly into your other business software
  • Enjoy easy mobile access
  • Gain instant scalability
  • Make your data secure
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Trust Decent to build your bespoke business system

We have the experience, the understanding and the skills. We’ve worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across dozens of different sectors, so we know the kinds of challenges you’re facing. We also know the quickest, most direct ways to solve them. 

We tailor every solution to each new client by making sure we thoroughly understand their business, but we do it efficiently. For your first business system we’ll target the big wins – in future you can add to it if and when you see fit. 

With our help you’ll get rid of those pain points and future-proof your business. 

Get in touch for an initial chat to see if we are a good fit for your business.  

Contact us on 01793 250 198 or info@decentgroup.co.uk

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SMEs need to ditch spreadsheets – there IS an affordable Excel alternative

UK small businesses often struggle with the limitations of inefficient spreadsheets.

Uncover how our innovative ‘starter business systems’ provide an affordable and effective solution. 

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How we work with business advisers, coaches and consultants

We welcome enquiries from advisers to SMEs, whether non-executive directors, business coaches or consultants. We are happy to discuss how we could help your clients and what shape the solution might take. We’ll even partner with you to deliver a solution as efficiently as possible.

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Successful systems we’ve built for existing clients

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Easy management of workflow across the business

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Flawless bespoke stock management system

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Seamless order management, invoicing, reporting and forecasting

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Efficient invoicing across multiple locations

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“Human error has all but been eliminated, meaning we are not only acting more efficiently but we can be much more transparent with our customers.”

Stephen Gill

Managing Director, Lupton & Place

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