Streamline your operations with a bespoke stock control system

It can be tough to stay on top of stock control, but if it’s not managed well it can lead to additional costs, wastage, confusion and a failure to fulfil promises to customers. We have a track record of creating powerful stock control systems that can transform how your business operates.

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“Our new employee has worked for a number of companies in our market sector, and she is amazed by the quality of our system compared to what anyone else has.”

Martin Landmann

Carrino Flooring

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Why is stock control so hard to get right?

Stock control sounds simple, but in a medium-sized business it is one of the most difficult things to get right. Stock errors can have significant consequences and may often go unnoticed.

Beyond the most basic record of stock, the complexities rapidly accumulate: the location of each item, the size and weight, the shelf life. Delivery and customer service add a further complication – handling returns is tricky. Replenishment from suppliers with variable lead times and conditions of order, alongside the prudent management of space and cash, can be a headache.

Staying in control of your stock has a major impact on how efficiently you can run your business. Not being in control of stock creates cumulative inefficiencies and ultimately has an impact on your bottom line. 

Get support from experts

We have created or enhanced numerous stock control systems for customers across sectors, from food production to manufacturing to retail to logistics. Often we are asked to expand these systems to incorporate purchasing, delivery, logistics, invoicing and more – either linking to existing systems or designing and building them ourselves.

The system we create for you will be tailored to your specific needs, based on an in-depth understanding of how you work. You can be confident it will support, streamline and enhance your processes.

Get in touch today for an initial chat to see if we are a good fit for your business.  

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How could your stock control be improved?

There are many ways a bespoke software system could improve your stock control. Here are a few of them.

  • Control the balance between stock availability and tying up cash in excess stock.
  • Ensure effortless traceability of components and ingredients. 
  • Implement FIFO to manage products with short shelf life and minimise wastage.
  • Work more closely with your suppliers to stay in control of expected goods inward. 
  • Manage different demand patterns through the year. 
  • Run a single system across multiple locations. 
  • Link stock control to accounting and finance systems. 
  • Keep track of the cost and value of your stock, even when prices fluctuate daily. 
  • Access simple, accurate reports that tell you what you need to know. 
  • Introduce rolling or periodic stocktake procedures that ensure accurate figures without slowing down the operation.

How we work with you


We start by understanding how your business works, where your stock control challenges are, how these inter-relate with other business areas, and what you want to achieve. This thorough understanding is a critical first step.


We gain a detailed understanding of the stock handling processes that the software needs to support, and look for ways to streamline and improve them. Only once we understand these do we go on to design your new system.


Our UK-based software developers build your system, testing it carefully to ensure it meets your business needs – while keeping ease of use uppermost in mind.


We install the new system and ensure implementation goes as smoothly as possible. This process is handled with great care to minimise disruption.

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The benefit of business systems consultancy

We often find that to be able to deliver a high end stock control system, other changes need to be made. We can be part of conversations about ideal warehouse layout and arrangement, how stock control relates to other business activities, staffing and more.

Or you may need to introduce new stock checking processes to ensure that what you should have tallies with what you actually have. Often it’s not enough to get a great stock control system if other parts of your processes can’t support it.

We offer a consultancy service that will take a start-to-finish look across your entire product workflow to identify any improvements you need to make.

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Bespoke stock control software for small businesses

Many SMEs and small businesses in the UK rely on spreadsheets as fundamental tools, but as they grow, the limitations become evident, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

Explore the transformative potential of investing in a bespoke stock control system for your SME, priced affordably under £10,000, with results delivered within just 3 months.


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Would a bespoke stock control system enhance your business? 

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Case study

Keeping the Blackpool Illuminations switched on

Reinventing a FileMaker system produces big efficiency gains

Bespoke software optimises a business’s entire processes

When you have £10 million worth of world-famous equipment in your warehouse, you need to stay on top of where it all is, what it’s all worth, and how to switch it on and off. Our bespoke software system makes all this instant and effortless for Blackpool’s Lightworks workshop.

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We transformed this aluminium die casting manufacturer’s existing FileMaker system, giving them instant access to detailed real time order and production data. The system has virtually eliminated errors, improved efficiency and helped the business to grow. 

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This food business needs to keep track of hundreds of very different products to ensure great customers service. We created their system from scratch – a perfect fit for each of their processes. Since then the business has grown – without increasing staff numbers.

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