A Claris FileMaker solution built for you

Digital transformation is the key to unlocking business growth. A bespoke Claris FileMaker system from Decent Group can tackle your current workflow problems, streamline your business processes and accelerate your growth. We will design the system individually to do just what you need, and we will use one of the world’s most versatile and reliable platforms. The result: the perfect fit for your unique needs.

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“Since Decent Group built us the email management system, our overheads are down by £50K–£60K each year.”

Nick Charlton

DKA Architects

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Why would you want a bespoke FileMaker system?

Your business has its own unique ways of working but the lack of a powerful software solution that fits your workflows could be starting to hold you back. A bespoke Claris FileMaker system is an ideal solution – a direct match for your processes, so closely aligned that it’s intuitive for your people to use, and one which integrates with any other software you need to use. This is the key to business transformation.

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A reliable way to solve your problems: our FileMaker development process

We deliver our software development services using a tried and tested approach that ensures you get a bespoke FileMaker system that’s right for your business.

At the start, our business transformation consultants spend a great deal of time with you to understand your business inside out, asking questions of people throughout the organisation until we have a thorough understanding of what you do, how you do it and why. During this process we also identify what your problems are and where they occur. Then we set out to design a system that will not only solve those problems but also help kickstart a process of business transformation.

Designing, developing and implementing your Claris FileMaker solution will usually take place in stages. This minimises disruption and means you can keep serving your customers while our software development services solve your business challenges.

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Work with the UK’s independent Claris FileMaker experts

At Decent Group, we specialise in delivering software development services that drive business transformation. We are the UK’s leading Claris FileMaker development experts, with Claris FileMaker certification since 2009 and more than 20 years’ experience of working with FileMaker. As a team who live and breathe Claris FileMaker solutions, we can help you make the most of this powerful platform.

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Here’s how we can help you 

A bespoke system from scratch

If you need a business system that’s built to meet your needs and solve your problems, we can build you a new solution from the ground up. The advantage is that we can start afresh and design a system that’s elegant, easy to use and does exactly what it needs to do.

Migrate to Claris FileMaker from a different system

Your old business system may have served you well but right now it’s holding you back. But you can’t just throw it all away as it’s business critical. We can build you a new system and move your processes across one step at a time so your business never stops working.

Why our Claris FileMaker systems work so well 


We build you exactly what you need and nothing else. Your Claris FileMaker system will be a perfect fit for your business needs, easy to use from the very start.

Business understanding

We know what it takes to run a business and we have worked with all kinds of businesses across many sectors. We are well placed to build effective business tools that deliver genuine value. 


As part of our software development services, we can ensure that your new business system integrates with other software you use, from common business applications to industry-specific tools.

Audit trail

Your new Claris FileMaker system will keep a record of who did what and when. This simple but detailed data about your people, activities and operations can offer vital insights about costs, productivity and profitability.

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Claris FileMaker 2023 delivers powerful new tools

We’re excited to see that Claris FileMaker 2023 has launched. This latest version offers improved cyber security, new features and enhancements that enable even more powerful business systems and apps to be developed. We welcome what is effectively Claris FileMaker 20 (although the naming system has been changed).

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Is a Claris FileMaker solution right for your project?

Claris FileMaker is a flexible way to get your own bespoke business system. It can automate processes, improve productivity and digitise your workflows – with an easy to use interface for your teams. This is ideal for businesses that have their own unique processes, or for those looking for a new approach to a standard business function such as time recording.

Is FileMaker right for you?
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“Our customers expect the best and we expect the best of ourselves. Success breeds success and that’s what this system has done for us.”

Colin Price

Managing Director, Brayne & Price

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Case study

New system drives big growth despite small size of team

New FileMaker and new IT team give property finance lender the edge

Reinventing a FileMaker system produces big efficiency gains

Bespoke inspection app and web portal help put playground safety first

Keeping the Blackpool Illuminations switched on

Bespoke software optimises a business’s entire processes

Hungry to grow, this specialist furniture company needed a comprehensive system to replace improvised Excel and Dropbox solutions. The system has driven strong growth, and we continue to work with them to make it even more powerful.

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A complete overhaul of an existing FileMaker system allowed our client to streamline all its business processes. We also recruited and trained an IT team to bring systems and solutions skills in-house for ultimate efficiency. 

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We transformed this aluminium die casting manufacturer’s existing FileMaker system, giving them instant access to detailed real time order and production data. The system has virtually eliminated errors, improved efficiency and helped the business to grow. 

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Our solutions for managing playground safety inspections enable RoSPA Play Safety to provide an industry-leading service. The process improvement has delivered impact impossible with an off-the-shelf product.

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When you have £10 million worth of world-famous equipment in your warehouse, you need to stay on top of where it all is, what it’s all worth, and how to switch it on and off. Our bespoke software system makes all this instant and effortless for Blackpool’s Lightworks workshop.

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This food business needs to keep track of hundreds of very different products to ensure great customers service. We created their system from scratch – a perfect fit for each of their processes. Since then the business has grown – without increasing staff numbers.

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