Is Claris FileMaker right for you?

Claris FileMaker is the perfect platform for building bespoke business systems. Its performance, reliability and ease of use are a match for any platform, and its outstanding flexibility means we can build you whatever system you need – automating your manual processes, driving your productivity and integrating seamlessly with your existing applications. If you’re ready to transform your business, Claris FileMaker is the right platform for you.

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“We have an excellent system! Keep up the good work!”

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What is Claris FileMaker?

Claris FileMaker is essentially a combination of database system and application development platform in one. It’s a powerful combination.

Think of it as a really solid set of foundations. You can build what you like on top – anything from a garden shed to a palace. Unlike an off the shelf system, it has no functionality that you have to use. You can decide exactly what you need and that’s all you get. What’s more, Claris FileMaker is a beautiful and elegant platform to work with.

Claris FileMaker is also open to the world. It works on Windows, Mac, iOS and the web, and can be integrated with almost any other software.

If it’s speed, power, reliability and endless flexibility you’re after, choose Claris FileMaker as your software platform.

Claris FileMaker – the advantages

Claris FileMaker is a long established platform which is regularly updated and supported by its creator, Claris. It’s also backed by Apple. It is more robustly designed and tested than open source software, making it extremely reliable. As a platform it is fantastically versatile, capable of creating basic software performing a simple task as well as highly sophisticated systems.

Some of the problems Claris FileMaker can solve

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How we work with you


We start by digging deep into how your business works, your aspirations, and what you want to achieve. This thorough understanding is a critical first step – the secret to transforming your business. 


We gain a detailed understanding of the business processes that the software needs to support and look for ways to streamline and improve them. We then design your new system. 


Our UK-based software developers build your system, testing it carefully to ensure it meets your business needs – while keeping ease of use uppermost in mind. We often create and launch one module at a time, so you see results as soon as possible.


We install the new system, train you to use it and ensure any issues are solved. This process is handled with great care to minimise disruption.

Why not use an off the shelf product?

If your business model is very standard, an off the shelf software system could be right for you. But if you’re a growing, evolving business, or you have your own particular ways of working, or you like to innovate in your sector, then you will find an off the shelf product constraining. And customising an off the shelf product is often difficult.

If you want a system that can grow and change as your ways of working evolve, you’ll want a bespoke system, preferably built on a platform that’s powerful enough to do what you need it to do. You’ll also want a design and development partner who can continue to update and evolve your system.

Why Claris FileMaker might not be right for you

  • You have large numbers of desktop users (500+) all requiring constant connection to the system as their main software tool
  • You do highly specialist work which already has a software package designed for it
  • You are building the front end of a public-facing website – although FileMaker may still be perfect for the back-office operation
  • Well-designed off-the-shelf software already exists that perfectly fulfils your needs. 

If you’re not sure what kind of business system you need, it’s important to consider your overall IT strategy carefully. This is something we are well placed to advise on, whether you need FileMaker or something else.

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