Claris FileMaker hosting made stress-free

We can optimise the hosting of your Claris FileMaker system to ensure it runs smoothly and minimises downtime. It’s a trouble-free solution that saves you time and worry. Just set and forget.

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“Thanks for your work getting our server up and running – wonderful job.”

Richard Osborne

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Robust, reliable Claris FileMaker Server hosting

Decent Group’s Claris FileMaker cloud hosting service is a simple way to achieve a fast, reliable and secure system.

Our FileMaker Server hosting will save you the significant expense of your own server and avoid having to carry out regular maintenance and keep it updated and backed up. We will make the process of migrating across to the new hosting simple.

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Is Decent Group FileMaker hosting UK based?

We can scale the level of hosting to suit the needs of your business now and in the future. Our hosting is normally UK-based, although if you have offices outside the UK and it makes sense to host overseas, we can arrange this for you.

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Complete, reliable Claris FileMaker Server hosting

Our Claris FileMaker hosting service includes all these features as standard.

Reliable uptime and performance

No more worries about server performance bottlenecks. Your hosting service will be specified to your needs and will work reliably.

Your data always encrypted

Your data is always encrypted between our servers and your system using gold standard technology. No SSL certificate? We’ll arrange it at no extra cost.

Server updates and anti-malware

You don’t have to worry about being protected from malicious software. We’ll ensure, at no extra cost, that server operating systems and the very best anti-malware software are always up to date on your server.

Daily back-ups and regular back-up checks

We provide an exceptionally reliable back-up service. This includes daily back-ups to a separate physical location with automatic checks, and twice-weekly testing by a human being to check the back-ups are both up to date and accessible in practice.

Which Claris FileMaker hosting solution is right for you?

Our hosting can meet the needs of your business, however big or small. 

Your situation

What you probably need

One internal user, no access by customers/suppliers, no access from mobile devices.

No need for a server or hosting. Just make sure it’s properly backed up.

One internal user, some access from other users.

Decent Group hosting.

Two to 10 internal users, all in the same location, no access by customers/suppliers, no access from mobile devices.

Best practice is Decent Group hosting, however you could use FileMaker Pro Advanced. Do make sure it’s properly backed up.

Two to 10 internal users, some access by other users.

Decent Group hosting.

11 to 100 internal users across multiple locations.

Decent Group hosting. 

11 to 100 internal users, most based in a single location, low to moderate level of external access by customers/suppliers.

On-site server. Call us and we can recommend the right configuration for you.

Over 100 internal users, low to moderate level of external access by customers/suppliers.

On-site server is likely still to be best practice but call us and we can recommend the right configuration for you.

Over 100 internal users, high level of external access by customers/suppliers. 

Decent Group hosting, which will require additional setup or configuration.

Access needed from low-bandwidth environments. 

Specialist configuration needed. Call us and we can recommend the right hosting for you.

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Our FileMaker Server hosting

We can provide hosting for a small setup cost and a monthly charge – and you won’t need a dedicated on-site server or staff to maintain it.

When we set up your hosting, we will perform a complimentary healthcheck on your system to make sure it migrates smoothly to its new home.

Our FileMaker Server hosting costs

Decent Group’s standard high quality hosting costs from £165 per month – an extremely reliable service suitable for most needs and designed by our experts to support Claris FileMaker systems.

Our Claris FileMaker hosting service can be scaled up to whatever specification you may need, to ensure peak performance of your business-critical systems.

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On-site server recommended?

If the table above recommends a server on-site for your situation, you should invest in a server of more than ample specification and get it properly looked after by your own IT staff or through a service contract with us. 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a server – it’s important to make sure you invest in a solution that will last a good long time, without spending money unnecessarily. We can advise on the most appropriate server specification for you.

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Can I access my hosted server once it’s set up?

Our FileMaker hosting is a fully managed service and our team keep a close eye on all our hosted servers and everything on them. We periodically perform maintenance and recovery to keep your server running at its best, so we will need the admin password and encryption keys to your files.

We look after everything, so you don’t have to. So for our hosted services, we don’t allow client access to the server. If you need direct access to your new server we can still help you – instead of hosting with us, our experts can work with you to build your own server, on your own hardware or in the cloud. We can also advise on best maintenance practices.

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More Claris FileMaker services available from Decent

System condition report

Get an impartial view on what improvements, if any, your system needs.

Make your system do more

Support a wider range of business processes to achieve your goals quicker.

Service contract

Access support and development exactly when you need it.

Platform licensing

Ensure you have the best value option for your needs.

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