Transform your operations with bespoke manufacturing software

Run your manufacturing processes more accurately and efficiently with a cutting edge software system. We have over 20 years’ experience advising small to medium sized manufacturers and creating software solutions for them, and we can help you work faster and smarter too.

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“If Decent were a member of my team, I’d be taking out key person insurance, they mean that much to us.”

Stephen Gill

Managing Director, Lupton & Place

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Work with manufacturing software specialists

We have been working with manufacturing businesses for more than two decades, providing advice, helping with existing systems and creating tailored software systems. The sectors we’ve worked in include everything from precision engineering to food processing.

Our systems assist our clients with the full range of business activities – from project management to quality control and accounts. They help manage the movements and costings of materials, subcontractors and haulage, optimise production scheduling, and provide detailed costing systems that support full materials, labour and machining cost analysis from component level.

Our approach is key to the success of our systems: we work with you as partners, and spend time understanding in depth your manufacturing processes and where you need software to support and streamline those processes. What sets us apart is our belief that we should start by understanding your needs, and build a solution from there.

How we can help you

While we can build any software system you need, we work with manufacturing businesses in four main ways.

Affordable bespoke business systems for SME manufacturers

Struggling to untangle your business processes? Outgrown the spreadsheet stage?

Solve these challenges today with a tailored business system under £10,000, delivering results in just 3 months.

Begin your efficiency journey with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

How we work with you


We start by digging deep into how your business works, your aspirations, and what you want to achieve. This thorough understanding is a critical first step – the secret to transforming your business.


We gain a detailed understanding of the business processes that the software needs to support, and look for ways to streamline and improve them. Only once we understand these do we go on to design your new system.


Our UK-based software developers build your system, testing it carefully to ensure it meets your business needs – while keeping ease of use uppermost in mind. We often create and launch one module at a time, so you see results as soon as possible.


We install the new system and ensure implementation goes as smoothly as possible. This process is handled with great care to minimise disruption.

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Unlock the potential of software systems for manufacturers

We don't just provide software; we immerse ourselves in understanding your manufacturing processes to create bespoke solutions that address your specific needs. From discovering the intricacies of your business to meticulously designing and building systems, our UK-based software developers ensure a seamless process. 

Optimise your business with our bespoke manufacuring software, tailored for seamless project management, unbeatable quality control, and efficient cost analysis. Elevate your operations today with software solutions designed specifically for you.

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We are your business software specialists

At Decent, our team thrives on curiosity, passion, and honesty, dedicated to transforming businesses and building lasting relationships.

Why work with Decent? With over 20 years of expertise, we are your business software specialists, crafting award-winning solutions that streamline processes and make operations more efficient and intuitive.

Partner with Decent for impactful results, where experience meets innovation.

Our team
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Case study

Reinventing a FileMaker system produces big efficiency gains

We transformed this aluminium die casting manufacturer’s existing FileMaker system, giving them instant access to detailed real time order and production data. The system has virtually eliminated errors, improved efficiency and helped the business to grow. 

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